Services and Expertise


The approach we take to increase the value of the legal services to our clients include:

Availability of Solicitors

The availability of Lawyers is an important part of our client service. Our Lawyers are available and accessible to clients, after hours and on weekends, as the need arises. We appreciate the construction industry is a fast moving industry and the need to keep up.


We utilise the benefits of modern technology and in particular advantages in contract management, arbitration and litigation by the effective control and management of large volumes of documentary material. We use state of the art document management software specially adapted to meet industry demands.

Team Approach

During the course of a project we work with our clients as a part of a team to achieve the successful outcome of the project. We prefer to become involved from the beginning so that we may contribute our experience from other projects and our own expertise to ensure a successful result.

Response Time

Urgent requests will be responded to within 24 hours.

Quality Assurance

We service organisations involved in the municipal, construction, engineering and development industries, dealing with matters from project planning and contract development through to completion, maintenance and management.

We focus, therefore, on service which is:

  • Pro-active
  • User friendly
  • Commercially focused; and
  • Founded on special expertise

We provide a sustained, on-going commitment to improvement and efficient practice throughout all areas of the firm.