Quality Policy

Harrington Lawyers is a law firm designed to attend specifically to the legal requirements of the construction, civil infrastructure, property development and planning contractors.
Harrington Lawyers’ quality policy aims to provide efficient and timely service to satisfy the expectations of our clients by offering innovative and productive legal services.
Our objectives include:

  1. Continued improvement in procedures and techniques used, which will be enhanced by our staffs expertise, experience, productivity, diligence and training, providing superior service to our clients;
  2. Retain and expand our clientele by achieving long term relationships through customer satisfaction, specialisation in the legal services we provide;
  3. Being a specialised niche service for the construction, property development and planning industry and providing a quality service throughout all the stages of our client’s business process; and
  4. Improve our quality systems in line with the ISO 9001 standard.

Through monitoring our client’s needs and requirements we ensure our clients expectations are met and exceed expectations with efficiency and innovation. Through constant and direct communication between staff, consultants and clients, we ensure transparency throughout the process.
Keeping up to date with the latest advances in technology and knowledge of the law, allows us to ensure the quality of work is high, efficient and remains as such.