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What do Harrington Property Lawyers do?

Harrington property lawyers specialise in the areas of the law that pertain to property and construction. Our property lawyers stay abreast of constantly changing laws by studying our company’s extensive legal reference library. We are committed to staff development and our staff attend seminars and workshops that are relevant to their areas of expertise.

Harrington’s can deal with any Australian project from conception to the completion of your project. We can deal successfully with planning approvals and the complex start of the construction process, right through to the completion of a project.

Our firm has been handling major projects for more than twenty years. As you can imagine, over that time period, we have gained much experience and expertise. Our well-qualified staff can advise clients about any construction project and because they have a wide range of expertise, we can employ a multi-disciplinary approach to your particular project. Our staff are conversant with construction as well as law, planning, property management and development and planning.

We have offices in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, and can take on work for clients throughout Australia. Whether you have a project in the commercial or residential sectors, you can be confident of a successful completion when you use our services.

Living in Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is Australia’s second most populated city, and so, of course there is always something going on. It is a vibrant multi-ethnic city, and this is reflected in the diversity of its restaurants and food outlets. There are people of Italian extraction, Greeks, Chinese, Indians and others from the Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan, all rubbing shoulders with people from the UK, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Its population is truly a diverse mix.

Given the preponderance of people originally from Mediterranean countries it is no surprise to find that you can get a variety of coffees in Melbourne from thick (and usually sweet) Greek coffee to hot or cold cappuccinos. Greek, Lebanese and Turkish coffees are almost the same, although you can get coffee with a cardamom pod in it in some Middle Eastern establishments. In Melbourne you will learn to appreciate coffee and its aroma.

As you can imagine, with people from various ethnic groups living and working in Melbourne, the markets are full of interesting, healthy, fruit and vegetables. Visit them at the weekend and take your own environmentally friendly bags and containers with you.

The markets are not just open at weekends, but that is when most people are out and about. They sell things other than food and beverages, so go out and explore them. While you are out and about, try the new type of coffee, broccoli-flavoured coffee. The source broccoli is imperfect and would have been discarded a few years ago, but now it comes in powdered form and is added to coffee. This is an innovative way of getting children, and adults, to have more green vegetables in their diets.

There’s never a dull moment in Melbourne, so if you enjoy doing a variety of things in your leisure time, this is the place to be. You can tour the wineries in the Yarra Valley, and sample what they have to offer discerning wine drinkers, or go parachuting, or, if you have always wanted to see a platypus, you could visit the Healesville Sanctuary in the valley.

If you enjoy pottering around markets, you will love the Queen Victoria Market, or the Queen Vic as it is popularly known as. You can find virtually everything there, from prints (framed or rolled), food of all descriptions, but before you go, check the opening times.

If you are considering moving to Melbourne, perhaps because you have been offered a job in a property developer’s office, you, may need the services of property lawyers in Melbourne. Our firm, Harington’s, would be an excellent choice.

Property Lawyers in Perth?

If you need property lawyers in Perth (the capital of Western Australia) or elsewhere in Western Australia, why not find out more about the services that Harrington’s offer for both residential and commercial property owners? Perhaps you need property lawyers in Albany, which was the first settlement established by Europeans in Western Australia. Wherever you are in WA, our professional property services are available to you. Check our website by clicking on this link.

Perth is an ideal location for businesses and homes, as it is located on the Swan River, just where it meets the coast of southwestern Australia. Perth may be somewhat remote from Adelaide and the rest of Australia, but it does have its compensations as it is the sunniest of all the world’s capitals. On average it has around 8 hours of sunshine a day throughout the year.

The city was founded by Captain James Stirling in 1829. It was a part of the Swan River Colony. It was the first colony that was not a penal one (in other words, it was founded as a free colony). However, indigenous peoples have been living in the area for millennia; some artefacts excavated there have been carbon-dated and are believed to have been made 38,000 years ago.

The first European setters arrived in 1829. Prior to that the Noongar people inhabited the area where Perth now stands. They had a myth about a water serpent, the Wagyl that they believed created and cared for the river.

Now Perth has a population of more than 2 million. It gained its city status in 1856. Today it is usually ranked in the top ten cities that are most liveable. Which may explain why there is an increasing demand for property lawyers!

Property Lawyers in Sydney

Have you just relocated to Sydney? Are you looking for property lawyers there? Look no further than our Harrington lawyers. We deal with both residential and commercial properties and have more than 20 years’ experience in helping clients. Our property services are second to none. Why not contact our central office now? Follow this link to our website.

What could be better than relocating to Sydney and being in close proximity to its amazing beaches? There are more than a hundred of them to enjoy. You will certainly find a beach that you come to love.

Naturally, as Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, there are many other things to do in and around the city. The Sydney Harbour area can boast about its 150 miles (240 kilometres) of coastline with many unspoilt beaches. Sydney Harbour Bridge is instantly recognised by people from all over the world, as is the Sydney Opera House. There are much worse destinations for digital nomads and others.

Escape the city and visit the nearby Royal National Park, which is only an hour’s drive away from the heart of Sydney. You could walk along (some) of the Coast Track and see the art the Dharawal people made on the rocks more than a thousand years ago. May to November is whale-watching season and the cliffs are wonderful vantage points to see the migrating humpback whales.

Property Lawyers in Brisbane?

Brisbane, the River City, is the capital of Queensland, known as the Sunshine State. It is another Australian city that is highly desirable to live and work in.

Indigenous people have been living in the area around Brisbane for more than 40,000 years, so if you decide to relocate there, you will be steeped in history, and not only European history. There would have been a plentiful supply of food in the Moreton Bay and Brisbane areas, so it was very unlikely that the area would remain undeveloped after its discovery.

It is the River Brisbane that was named after the man who was the Governor of New South Wales in 1823, Thomas Brisbane. As the town grew on its banks later, it was also called Brisbane.

Brisbane has the highest population growth in Australia. It is this that has made it such a successful city. Jobs were created to keep up with its population growth and this trend looks set to continue.

We at Harrington’s can help with all legal tasks relating to property development and construction work. We can help from the beginning of an idea, right though to the completion of a project.

Brisbane used to be thought of as slightly inferior to Sydney and Melbourne, but now that the young generation X’s have discovered it and adopted it, the city has undergone changes to its image.

Now there is plenty to do and see as it is becoming a cultural centre to vie with other Australian cities. It is certainly cheaper to buy property in Brisbane than it is to buy property in Sydney or Melbourne.

Property Lawyers in Adelaide

Adelaide is South Australia’s coastal capital with a population of more than 1.3 million. One of the most interesting places to visit in Adelaide is the Migration Museum which celebrates the cultural diversity of Australia. Admission to the museum is free, although you might have to pay to visit some exhibitions and special events.

The museum has two galleries devoted to life in the 19th century. These depict what it was like to emigrate from the UK, for example, to Australia.

Other places of interest in Adelaide are the zoo, where there are iconic giant pandas, and Adelaide’s central markets which are bursting with gastronomic delights. Buy delicacies from the markets, then have a picnic in Adelaide Botanical Gardens or one of its parks.

As Adelaide is the gateway to the wine regions of South Australia, sampling the local wines is a must. Visit the wineries and discover the best wines of the region. A visit to the Barossa Valley is a must. If you prefer Riesling, take a tour of the Clare Valley vineyards.

Naturally, there are some truly amazing beaches around Adelaide. Australians have love affair with the se and surf. It wasn’t the Californians who invented surfing, it was the Hawaiians and they brought it to Australia in 1915. It was a native Hawaiian, Duke Kahanamoku, who first demonstrated the art of surfing to Australians at Freshwater, Sydney, New South Wales.

Looking for Property Lawyers in Canberra?

Unlike the other cities mentioned in this article, Canberra, the capital of Australia, is not on the coast. It is the largest inland city in Australia, but only its eighth largest. Its population is much smaller than Sydney’s or Melbourne’s. In 2018 it had a population of approximately 403,468.

Canberra is one of the world’s ‘planned’ cities, so there is an orderliness to it that is not present in Melbourne or Adelaide, for example. The planners have been criticised for not having enough space to plant, with buildings now hard up against the pavement. However, that is about to change, as Canberra has a new director-general responsible for the city’s planning, and he has a new team of planners who will be responsible for new building projects. So, if you have been thinking of moving to Canberra, but have been put off by the way the city has grown, bear in mind that it is having a makeover so that soon it will be the garden city that the original planners envisaged.

Canberra is not just about politics, there are restaurants with gourmet cuisine to be found all over the city. It is also a cultural centre with museums, art galleries and plenty more to entertain visitors and residents.

There is a selection of wineries in the Canberra region; wine making has been practised there for more than 150 years. Two of the smaller ones are Lark Hill and Clonakilla, both producing very fine wines.

If you need to relocate to Canberra for work don’t despair. Bondi Beach it is not, but that may ultimately be a good thing for you and your family. There are lots of interesting places to visit and many things to see.

Although Canberra is inland, the city is surrounded by a manmade lake, Lake Burley Griffin. There you can do many water sports including the relatively new one – stand-up paddle boarding. Alternatively, you can cycle around the lake with its 35-kilometre (22 mile) path. If you are just in Canberra to view properties for the weekend, you can always hire a bicycle either from the yacht club on the lake shore, or from the shared bike stations outside hotels in the city. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can hire a mountain bike and do the 50 kilometres (31 miles) trails at Stromlo Forest Park, which are world famous.